Name: Luka Sammalisto

Date of birth: 25.11.2007

Nationality: Finnish

Living: Ylöjärvi

Started racing: 2017

First podium: 2017

Category in 2022: OK

Team: Kart Republic

Luka's first contact with karting was in 2015 and the racing started in 2017. Despite of his yet short history in karting, Luka has already convinced everybody with his pace and skills. Successes have boost the motivation and in the late 2018 Luka started cooperation with physics coach Jannika Välimaa. Karting is a very physically demanding sport and being in an excellent physical shape brings certainty in doing both on and off the track.


The 2020 season was badly mixed with the corona and the races could only be started in July. During the tight season, Luka competed actively both in Finland and abroad, proving that he belongs to the top in his class by speed. Inexperience in races did not yet produced the best possible outcome. However, the goals were reached: two podium places in the Finnish Championships and one final place in the international competition.


The 2021 season started at the end of February in Italy and the intention was to continue where the last season ended, that is, to be at the top of the class and to achieve results in line with it. Luka was driving in the top group in his category finishing 12th in the World Championship and 13th in the European Championship.

For the season 2022 Luka will step up to the OK Senior category which is the main category in international karting with the toughest drivers in the world. Goals for the season will be realistically high.

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Here you will find the latest news about Luka. Follow him on facebook and Instagram as well.

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"I have been working as a personal fitness coach for Luka since October 2018. Luka's physical development has been really fast. Luka has a lot of positive energy. And the desire to develop better is huge."

Jannika Välimää